"I understand you have multiple choices when selecting your car dealer of choice. That is exactly why I created Sharpnack Care. You need to know "We're Here For You" Is not just our slogan- But a promise to provide the Care and Level of Service You want and deserve.

To prove I am committed to you're total satisfaction I am including Sharpnack Care at no additional charge with every New Ford."

Tom Sharpnack
Tom Sharpnack

Sharpnack Care

No Charge Oil Changes 2 Years (4Total)

No Charge Tire Rotations 2 Years (4 Total)

No Charge Car Washes 2 Years (4 total)

No Charge Service Loaners for Life

No Charge Service Pickup & Delivery for Life

The Sharpnack Care plan is a combination of factory and dealer offers that work together to provide 2 Oil Changes, 2 Tire rotations, and 2 Car washes per year for 2 years. Pickup and Delivery with a limited delivery area. Vouchers for free services provided at delivery of new vehicle and must be used within the time frame allowed. Schedule appointment by phone or online. Service loaners require licensed and insured drivers 21 and over.